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  • Dial-A-Mum is a free, annonymous phone counselling helpline run by trained volunteers who are all mothers. Our service is available to the wider community from school-age children to grandparents. Please call us on: 02 9477 6777 from 8.00 am to 11.00 pm.
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Hello From a Dial-A-Mum Volunteer

When I first found the advertisement for new volunteers for Dial A Mum, I thought it was a phone counselling service for children; the many kids at home waiting for their parents to return from work or teenagers who, unable to communicate with their parents would ring the hotline. As a mother of five grown children, I felt this was exactly what I’d been doing for over 30 years and with my experience would hopefully be of service to other children out there.

I soon discovered at the Orientation Morning that my first perception was not entirely right.  Dial-A-Mum, I learnt, is a service for everyone of all ages who needed support not just children. A listening/counselling telephone support service for anyone who needs a “motherly ear”.   As mothers, we are there to give you undivided attention; to give you a mother’s gentle but constructive way of guidance and above all we are there to listen and empathise without judgement.

Along with our natural instincts, experience of being someone’s mum and an interesting and professional training course in communication, listening, and problem solving skills, we volunteer our time to take the calls from those in need of some help.

A lot of our callers ring regularly.  They often live on their own and have no family support, so will call to tell us their news.  Others pick up the phone when they’re stressed or concerned about something in their lives and want someone to “hear them”.  All calls are confidential as we do not ask for names or any personal information.  Likewise the Dial-A-Mums stay anonymous.

I found the training course so beneficial not only when on the phones, but in my personal life.  I now feel more confident in communicating with my own family and friends, safe  in the knowledge that I don’t have to “rescue” them or “find a solution to their problem”, but I can support them as they find their own way  to a successful outcome.

I also thought that I’d be taking on every caller’s pain and not being able to cope with the calls, but that hasn’t been the case.  Because I’m not rescuing them or being responsible for their happiness or solving their problem, I can step back and be impartial without losing my empathy.

Our callers find our service invaluable and after five years, I still feel privileged to be a “Dial-A-Mum”.